installing a shorty antenna

Getting rid of the ungainly tail on the back of your ND!

If you're like me, you don't fancy the long antenna that comes with your ND MX-5 Miata from the Mazda factory.
Thankfully, there are options available to remedy this issue. I have opted for a Japanese made shorty antenna from for about $25 which is less than half the height of the factory item.

You can see here, the stock unit has a seam at the base where it unscrews from its mounting point.
Unscrew and you will be greeted with an antenna that is now free and a base ready for the new unit.
Here you can see the difference between the two.
Install is super straight forward, simply screw this one in place!
The end result is super neat!
So thrilled with the result, and with no compromise on radio reception it begs the question, why didn't Mazda supply these as factory kit?!