replacing the license plate globes

Making your ND stand out with white lights!

Most people today appreciate LED lighting on the little details of a car. Even Mazda appreciate LED technology, as the headlamps of the ND MX-5 Miata are LED's.
So today we are replacing the factory license plate globes with LED options. These are a T10 globe which can easily be found on your favourite online or automotive retailer for as little as $5.

Here is where we will be working, replacing the globes only takes about 10 minutes. First we need to remove the light housing located above the license plate.
Using a small flat screwdriver, lever the triangle shaped clip inwards and then pull the light housing downwards.
There is only minimal length on the wiring loom here, so use your most delicate of fingers to undo the plug from the back of the light connector.
With the housing removed, the grey holder is removed by rotating counter clockwise.
You will rotate about 45degrees until you feel the holder come free.
With the holder free, you can now simply pull the old globe out and replace with your new globe. Remember, if you're installing LED globes, be mindful to test they are installed in the correct polarity. If the do not work you may need to remove the globe and rotate it 180 degrees.
As you can expect, reinstallation is essentially reversal of removal. Good luck and enjoy your new whiter, brighter life with your ND!