replacing the interior dome light with LEDs

Getting more light inside your ND MX-5!

I'm sure many people would agree that more light is required inside the ND MX-5 on a dark evening. The factory dome light is about as useful as a small candle. So let me show you how easy it is to upgrade to a proper, super bright LED dome light.

First, lets take a look at the baseline, this is what we start with.
So looking up at the dome light, you will notice small cavities either side of the plastic lense, there are two 'hooks' at each of these ends. These are marked with the green circles.
To remove the plastic lense, insert a thin flat blade screwdrived in the gap between the lense and the garnish and lever the lense downward. I use my finger as a fulcrum point to reduce the chance of damage to the black plastic inner windscreen surround.
Here is the exposed globe. It can easily be removed by simply levering down with a screwdriver or similar prodding tool. Note there is minimal room around the globe as it sits up in the cavity about 10mm.
The new LED installed in place. This is about 15mm wide and only JUST fits in the space.
Remember to turn the switch to the ON position to check you have your LED polarity correct before you put things back together.
The plastic lense will simply click back into place.
The end result is amazing, much more light and a nicer, more modern glow.
I'm really pleased I did this to my ND as it really lifted the light level and got rid of the dull candle light glow. A classy and cheap improvment. Remember, the trunk light and interior dome light use the same style of festoon globe.