changing the shocks and springs

Drop your ND MX-5 and make it handle even better!

Due to modern vehicle design rules, saafety regulations, and practicality limitations, the stock ND sits just too high! So let me show you how easy it is to drop your ND and give it the look it deserved from the factory!

First off, please remember:
You will need to get a wheel alignment after any suspension install/changes.
Always use jack stands when working on a vehicle.
Always set the handbrake before starting any work.
Always use spring compressors when disassembling the shock absorbers.

First, before we get to work, you may need to disconnect a swaybar endlink while the car is still on the ground to get enough movement in the suspension later. So start off by unbolting one of the links with a 14mm socket.
You can now get the car up in the air and put some stands under the car.
Starting with the front shocks, unbolt these two 17mm bolts holding the upper a-arm into the car.
You can now unbolt the top of the shock, for the front, thats 3x 14mm nuts.
To allow the arm to tilt outward to lever the shock out, you will need to undo the ABS wire. That's a 12mm bolt here.
Now, unbolt the lower shock bolt with a 17mm socket. The front shock can now be easily removed from the car.
Onto the rear, and again you may need to disconnect one of the swaybar endlinks.
Now, into the boot (trunk) and you will need to carefully remove the plastic clips holding the carpet in place. Behind the left hand side of the boot is the fuel hose protective sheld held in with 5x 10mm bolts (similar to what existed in earlier MX-5 miatas)
Behind the protective shield, and beyond the fuel filler hose, are the two bolts holding the top of the strut in place. You may choose to remove the steel brace held in with 2x 10mm bolts and 2x 10mm nuts to offer better access to the bolts.
You can now unbolt the lower 17mm bolt, allowing the shock to come free from the car.
Here is the rear hub with the shock removed.
The rear shock removed from the car.
Here is the front shock disassembled.
The factory rear spring is about 20% longer than the front.
Here is a difference between the factory front spring, and the Eibach front spring we are installing on our car.
As they say, installation is the reverse of removal..... so here is the end result.
After taking the car for a quick 10minute drive, the springs quickly settled and the car dropped the approx 1inch from the stock height as is expected of these springs.
I'm really satisfied with the result, the car appears to sit 'right' now, with the wheel gap looking like it matches the sporty image that an MX-5 Miata should offer. The springs used are Eibach items available from